“Life is short, break the rules. Forgive quickly, kiss slowly. Love truly. Laugh uncontrollably and never regret anything that makes you smile.”

Welcome, my name is Penni and I’m a lifestyle portrait photographer, currently situated in Wiltshire/London. You'll find me zipping around all over the UK (and beyond) to capture people's life stories, or hiking up a hill to reach a stunning countryside viewpoint with my greek rescue dog, Olive.

I started my career in 2014, shooting exclusively weddings, and have diversified my work, which now involves services such as pet photography, individual portraits, photojournalistic work and some charity and community projects on the side. I am obsessed with pets, so it's no surprise that my current charity work is for Dash Dogs - a dog shelter in Greece.

I shoot in a relaxed, documentary style– to capture genuine moments in a realistic way with a no-nonsense approach. My clients are typically out of the box, laid back, earthy folk - those who fancy something a little different from the mainstream 'picture perfect', but that have an appetite for quality and appreciation of a photography as an art form.

When I am on a shoot, I focus on those down-to-earth candid moments that can often go un-noticed by the untrained eye - Like a grandmother's assuring hand on the groom’s shoulder. The cheeky 6 year old who poked the icing on the cake before it was cut. The bittersweet toast to absent loved ones. Each small moment like this is worthy of being captured in an expert and imaginative way.

My signature style takes its' roots from Reportage photography (which means that your photo session is narrated exactly as events happen, including the imperfections). You'll find cinematic influences throughout in my work too, topped with a hint of comedy (can't take life too seriously after all).